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Serving your still

Whether you're looking to service your existing still or start from scratch, you can count on West Tech Boiler Works, Inc. to get the job done. Your time is valued, so we will make sure all service requests are answered as promptly as possible.


With over 30 years of experience, you can expect high-quality service for any of your industrial boiler, processor, or mint distillery needs.

Working in the mint still has never been safer, easier or more efficient! With the Mint Tracker panel, your steam, water, break-through, timing, and alarm will be automated and controlled by one single unit.

A user friendly control system

•  Illuminated 'Steam On' light

•  Extinguished 'Steam Off' light

•  Total run time count with timer

•  Digital reading of steam pressure and water temperature

Automated assistance

Forgot to open the manual shutoff valve? Too preoccupied to manage the controls? No problem! Special features such as the Auto Break Through feature eradicate the need for constant control supervision when a tub is breaking through. This helpful element allows you to take care of other tasks and reduce the oil lost out of the condenser vent.


In addition to the Auto Break Through feature, the Mint Tracker also includes a Cooking Pilot Light that will turn on automatically as the bay breaks through. The panel automatically adjusts and lets you know the current process so that you have one less thing to worry about!


If your system requires more functions, such as alarms for low boiler pressure or boiler failure, give us a call today. We can work to customize the Mint Tracker to suit your needs.


Want more? Check out our educational brochure for a detailed description highlighting the processes and unique components of the Mint Tracker.

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