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Maintain your system with the 'Three E's'

  • Effective - Look to us for a heat treatment system to effectively kill garden variety pathogens in waste milk.


  • Efficient - Improve your herd's health by ridding your waste milk of bacteria with our efficient pasteurization technique.


  • Economical - Save money by decreasing your spending on medication and veterinary bills.

Exceptional performance in a compact design

Choose an innovative monitoring system that is both safe and user friendly for waste milk pasteurizing. The boiler itself may be small, but it comes with a powerful punch! You can secure the temperature of waste milk with the flip of a switch. You'll also maintain the set-point for duration, and you will be notified by alarm when the batch is complete. It's that simple!

Do it for the farm

Keep your calves healthy by selecting our waste milk pasteurization systems. Reduce the cost of rearing calves by producing a high-quality liquid feed. Feel free to give us a call any time for more information about this process.

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